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Ron Chenoweth, IAED/c

Ron Chenoweth achieved his certification from the International Association of Equine Dentists in 1989. He served as a founding board director for this association. Today its members can be found throughout the world. Its reputation for certifying the top equine dentists is respected by horse enthusiasts everywhere. Rondell started Chenoweth Equine Dentistry in Illinois in 1989. Today this business has 3 certified dentists and professional handlers that travel to the horse owner’s ranches in 6 Midwest states. Seven thousand horses are served on a yearly basis. Dentistry basics to advanced molar removal and full care of the equine mouth is provided for the equine client. Rondell and his certified dentists give clinics to veterinarian groups, 4-H clubs, college classes, stable groups, and horse lovers.

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